the band

Don't formed in the spring of 2009 when four people from very disparate musical backgrounds got together to exchange musical ideas. What began as a few tentative practice sessions soon evolved with an almost alchemical ease into a cohesive group of songs. Armed with a live set of powerful and moving songs, they began playing around their native Northwest with diverse eclectic line-ups of bands to enthusiastic crowds. After nearly a year of honing their skills as a live band, DON'T released their first full length CD album entitled “Away Away” in 2010 followed by a vinyl version of Away Away and a 7-inch release on Doomtown Sounds with a new original tune and a cover of Dead Moon's "Killing Me".

Featuring a line-up of seasoned musical veterans, the band boasts a resume that includes an impressive list of premier Northwest bands. The combined talents of singer Jenny Don't (LADIES OF THE NIGHT), bassist Dave Minick (The Cosmetics, Napalm Beach), guitarist Dan Lowinger (AUDIOS AMIGOS, KATE MANN, LANA REBEL and THE LOVE LASERS, etc.) and drummer Sam Henry (THE WIPERS, NAPALM BEACH, THE RATS, MORGAN GRACE BAND) form a genre-blurring blend that spans the musical spectrum from melodic punk rock with surf overtones to an atmospheric wall of emotive and evocative sounds. Think Siouxsie sharing a fifth of Southern Comfort with the Mermen in the back of Willie Nelson's tour bus while listening to the Wipers.

Jenny Don't - vocals and guitar

   Both of my parents were musicians who were in a band together when I was pretty young. I used to have to go to their shows and swore I would NEVER be in a band... I always hated listening to people tune and soundcheck on stage and wondered why people would actually choose to be there!

But as I got older and started going to the shows I wanted to go to, I realized just how cool and interesting the musician culture is. I've always liked singing and used to record myself singing on our home answering machine so I could play it back and hear myself. It worked great, although there was always the threat that someone would call and the machine would pick up before I re-recorded the regular message. It was the closest thing to a 4-track I had back then!

In the beginning of 2006 I finally had a friend record me playing some songs that I wrote on my keyboard and thus my 1st band 'Ladies of the Night' formed. We all lived in Bellingham, WA and played together till about 2008 when we decided to head to Portland and immerse ourselves in a larger music scene. 'Ladies' went on hiatus but my goal of having a serious touring band didn't. In less than a year of being in Portland I met a great group of musicians and we formed the band Don't together! The rest is history!

David Minick - Bass

Dave's been around the block a couple of times and playing guitars since the last century. He's been a part of many bands over the years though none of any particular note with the exception of The Cosmetics (San Francisco), Napalm Beach (Portland), and now Don't. 

Sam Henry - Drums

Sam is considered one of the best drummers in the Northwest and was recently inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.  He was the drummer for The Wipers with Greg Sage and Dave Coupal.  Since then he has lent his consideralbe talents to Napalm Beach (Portland) and many other NW bands and musicians.

Sam writes:

I started playing Hammond organ at 4 years old and begged every Xmas for a Sears Robuck drum set.  Santa heard me in 1964 and I got a real snare drum.  Then after proving that drumming was all I wanted to do, my father took me to see the great Buddy Rich at the club where my dad tended bar. He introduced me to Buddy and Buddy shook my hand  and said “good luck”, then turned to my Dad and said the kids got great hands.  So here  am many years later still playing and loving it.  Be careful what ya wish for, you might just get it.

Dan Lowinger - Guitar

So far Dan is a man of mystery.  We're considering expanded torture techniques and/or extraordinary rendition.